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Kendum Solar Rise e.V

Kendum Solar Rise (KSR) is founded on the existence of different expertise that migrants living in the Germany have. It brings these group of persons together with their networks so as in different ways give back to their communities.

KSR is a Berlin-Germany based NGO which seeks to promote:

a. General and Vocational training as well as apprenticeship

  • Through awareness workshops, mentoring and coaching on skills requirements for professions for pupils and students (especially) in Cameroon and those with a migrant background in Germany.   
  • Provide Schools infrastructures, materials and equipemtns such as benches, books and pens in Cameroon.
  • Organize events such as sports festivals with schools in Germany or Cameroon to promote Health and well-being, which are important for education and this lead to the improvement of the educational, social and health situation in each society for a sustainable future.


b. Education and Development Cooperation through

  • Encouraging discussions and joint work of Cameroonians in the diaspora with key stakeholders in Germany to promote and implement sustainable transformative activities such as health education through workshops, projects such as the installation of renewable energy.
  • Support of Installations activities of communities and non-profit organizations in Cameroon.



c. Nature Conservation and landscape Protection including Climate, Coastal and flood protection

  • Promoting synergies between renewable energies/energy efficiency and other sectors such as health, education, agriculture, etc. This is done by conducting trainings and seminars on various topics, such as the use of renewable energy to solve problems in various sectors, such as the supply of light in health centers or schools.
  • Implementing climate change mitigation measures, particularly the use of renewable energy, in Cameroon in line with the Sustainable Development Goals to improve individual and community health and quality of life.

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