In Cameroon, energy supply from the grid which is principally from hydro power is not so constant, particularly in the dry season when water levels are low. With this draw back and abundance of sunlight, the use of solar energy as an alternative source is still not very visible. One of the reasons for the timid usage of solar PV, is the scarcity of qualified persons to install operate and maintain. In the country, there is a pool of electrical technicians who wire and install electricity in homes. So far there has not been any contact to the persons who shall be trained but to the type of persons. This is the previous work of one of the members of the DO in the northwest regions with a technician in solar PV. After gaining his training, he is constantly being solicitated for installations. In the urban area, where there are more graduates, giving more persons such skills shall lead to job opportunities.

Cameroon, a bilingual country has since 2016 seen its 20% English region facing a crisis that has resulted to migration of persons to other safe regions thus creating new neighbourhoods, such as Bakoko-Dibombari. With the settlement of persons, come new houses and other social services such as schools, health centres, etc. needing a secure supply of energy and water. Our project through the upskilling of electricians, is to provide solar energy for a water pumping, lights and fans in the Presbyterian Nursery and Primary School, Bakoko in the littoral region.

Project Objectives

It aims at training technicians through the installation of a solar system in a school. The solar systems will provide clean and affordable energy (SDG 7) for lighting/cooling of the learning environment that has become hotter and for a clean water supply system (SDG 6). This will be an example for others to copy (leading a sustainable city-SDG 11) while having qualified workers for other installations (combating climate change -SDG 13).

Target Groups

The Multiplicator

10 electrical technicians/ engineers who have graduated from school but lack the possibility of hands- on applicability of their knowledge gained.

The Beneficiaries

which are the nursery and primary school pupils, teachers and the communities around the schools.


Currently the school has 5 permanent classrooms and 2 temporary ones made of wood. Activities to be carried out within the project are:

  • Site analysis and system design,
  • Development of a training curriculum,
  • Design of the application process for technicians,
  • Selection of participants,
  • Purchase solar of systems and equipment
  • Training of electrical technicians,
  • System installation in the school
  • Handing over and project closure

One of the main will be to up-skilling of the technicians. This project will serve as the hands-on practical training session for the technicians training. They will get to see and experience first-hand and learn how to install an off grid solar system. In this way it is innovative in that, vocational training schools in Cameroon can use these methods in better training students while installing systems in the country. A pool of well-trained persons will be on the ground ready to work which is the backbone of a country in fostering its renewable energy strategy and targets.

The knowledge investment shall be used by the technicians and the system investment shall be used by the school. The solar water pump shall use a cheap and free source of energy to provide drinking water and water for other purposes. The fans shall operate in the classroom, making the environment cooler and conducive for studies, particularly in the dry season. The use of this alternate and free source of electricity shall cut on the expenditure of the school making them have available budget to cater for other needs of the school like building more permanent classrooms. Though school time is within the day, lighting shall also be provided to improve visibly and thereby reduce the stain on pupils’ eyes. It shall be a donation to the presbyterian church in Cameroon who itself is a non-profit organisation catering for the needs of the less privileged

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